Since 1976, Ukrainian Dancers from all over the United States, Canada, and abroad have flocked to the secluded Soyuzivka Center in New York, hoping to work with master teacher and choreographer Roma Pryma Bohachevsky. While celebrated for her choreographies, and renowned for her classes, her summer workshops would provide the only exposure to world-class Ukrainian Folk Dancing for many in this country. In 1978, Mrs. Bohachevsky answered the dream of many, and founded Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, fulfilling the need for a premiere Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in the United States.


Ania Lonkevych
Exec. Dir. Syzokryli & Dir./Founder of RPB Ukrainian Dance Foundation
Kristine Izak
Artistic Director of RPB Dance Academy Summer Camps
Larisa Pagan
Assistant Director of Syzokryli & RPB School of Dance
Orlando Pagan
Artistic Director of Syzokryli & RPB School of Dance

The passionate dancers of the Roma Pryma Bohachevksy Foundaton come from various backgrounds of instruction, with several individuals actively performing professionally. Mrs. Bohachevsky’s schools have produced principle dancers for a number of dance companies all over the world, including Dance Theatre of Harlem, Sacramento Ballet, and Virsky’s National Ukrainian Dance Company. Some students have even gone on to work in television and film. The majority of the Schools students feed directly into the Foundations performing ensemble, Syzokryli. Many current (and past) members of Syzokryli continue Mrs. Bohachevsky’s legacy by providing after-school instruction in a number of  communities around the United States. At the moment, there are several hundred students being instructed by members of the RPB Foundation and Syzokryli’s family.

The RPB Schools of Ukrainian Dance currently reside in the Tri-State area of New York City. With the purpose of preserving Ukrainian Folk Dance across the United States, the Tri-State area is home to a large population of Ukrainian’s. Ukrainian Folk dance has become a very prominent way for Ukrainians to show off, and be proud of, its culture. For more detailed information regarding each Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, please visit their respective page. Every dance group is always looking for more dancers, Ukrainian or Not!